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Project Feeding Kids

Project Feeding Kids

When you become an ACN customer, a child gets fed. And when you pay your select ACN bills each month, another child gets fed. It doesn't get simpler or more powerful than that.

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Your Service Can Be Free!

Strive for Five

Your monthly bills can be a thing of the past with Strive for 5! Simply refer 5 eligible customers of the same service and your service can be free!

  • ACN Digital Phone Service
  • Flash Wireless

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Project Feeding Kids

When someone becomes an ACN customer, a child is fed. And when that customer pays their bill each month on the following services, another meal is provided to a child in need.

When someone becomes a customer of the following services through ACN, one meal will be provided to a child in need.

ACN has committed to provide up to 1.5 million meals for kids throughout North America between March 1, 2016 – March 1, 2017.